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Realtek driver for RTL and Windows Vista 64bit. A complete list of available wireless device drivers for Realtek RTL On this page, you will find all available drivers listed by release date for the Windows Vista 64bit operating system. From the following list, select any driver . Alfa rtl driver download – Загрузите драйвер для вашей системы Windows с проверенного веб-сайта. Быстрая и безопасная загрузка драйверов. File Name: driver-alfa-rtlwindowsexe Version: Driver Date: 04 February File Size: 2, KB.


Alfa rtl8187 driver windows 10 download.ALFA Network Inc.

WiFi6-Bluetooth mPCIe card. supports the latest WiFi6 (IEEE ax) with special features like OFDMA, QAM and MU-MIMO. Module includes also Bluetooth radio, is backward compatible (IEEE a/b/g/n/ac) and operates in and 5 GHz bands. Alfa rtl wireless driver windows 10 64 bit – Driver Download for your Windows System from a verified website. Fast and Secure Driver Download. Alfa rtl driver download – Загрузите драйвер для вашей системы Windows с проверенного веб-сайта. Быстрая и безопасная загрузка драйверов.
realtek rtl8187 driver windows 10
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Realtek RTL8187B Wireless 802.11b/g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter
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Reports of the death of PC HDDs are exaggerated: 139 million units shipped in 2021.
06.02.2021 [19:59],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Today, hard drives sometimes simply do not fit into the cases of modern thin and light laptops, and 2.5 “SSDs often replace HDD in desktop systems due to higher performance. But consumer hard drives are not going to give up: while sales are falling, they are still high at almost 139 million units a year. A new record was set for the total capacity in 2021.

According to Trendfocus, hard drive sales for all possible markets were 259.81 million in 2021, down 13.9% from a year earlier. Despite the skyrocketing popularity of SSDs in the consumer PC space, especially among enthusiasts, desktop and laptop hard drives remain the largest HDD category in terms of units sold.

Last year, 54.46 million hard drives were shipped for desktop PCs and 84.42 million for laptops. Although sales of HDDs for client PCs are falling quantitatively, the average capacity is growing faster. Therefore, in the fourth quarter of 2021, the total volume of all client hard drives delivered to the market set a new record – 266 exabytes.

Last year, Seagate was the undisputed market leader with 42.7% market share – it shipped 110.96 million hard drives across all industries. Western Digital came in second with 96 million devices and 37% of the market, while Toshiba came in third with 20.3% of the market and 52.8 million HDDs. Collectively, all hard drives shipped by these three manufacturers in 2021 can store 1,081.32 exabytes of data, more than in 2021 and 20221.

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Since the capacity of SSDs in new PCs is sometimes insufficient, many people buy external storage devices with 2.5 “or 3.5” HDD inside. Such devices are generally classified as consumer electronics (CE) drives and fall into the same category as game console or DVR discs. Last year, Trendfocus sold 49.05 million hard drives for the CE market. Unfortunately, the category is not detailed, so it is not clear how much of this number is occupied, for example, by various video recording systems.

By the way, the lion’s share of the capacity (62%) is accounted for by 3.5 “HDD for servers and the corporate market. At the same time, last year quantitatively, three manufacturers shipped 59.22 million 3.5 “hard drives to these markets, which is 11.8% more than last year. Meanwhile, the 2.5 “enterprise hard drive market is dying. In 2021, it fell to 12.66 million units, which is 27.9% less than in 2021.

In general, as you can see, 2021 did not bring any surprises on the hard drive market. The general trend towards a quantitative decline in shipments and an increase in aggregate exabytes began several years ago and continued into 2021. Meanwhile, some existing categories of hard drives – for example, 2.5 “models for PCs, servers and consumer electronics, are showing a rapid decline and may in the coming years in a very narrow niche, being supplanted by solid state drives.