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World of Tanks Available on Next Generation Consoles in Backward Compatibility Mode
nineteen.eleven.2021 [11:51],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

As reported by, World of Tanks Console is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. Unfortunately, this does not mean that the game received a special version with ray tracing or something similar: so far only full backward compatibility is implemented.

However, according to the team, thanks to the power of the new systems, the game in World of Tanks Console has become more comfortable. We are talking about higher resolution, more stable frame rates, faster loading and lower latency – all this allows you to get a new sensation from the already familiar competitive action movie.

World of Tanks on consoles of the old (left) and new generations

Starting in July, 20 million console “tankers” can fight each other in cross-platform battles on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now new systems will simply be added to this list – the ability to challenge the owner of any compatible console will remain.

World of Tanks on consoles of the old (left) and new generations

On new consoles, players will keep their accounts, all cosmetics and achievements. In general, the transition to the new platform should go smoothly. “The entire World of Tanks Console team is proud to be one of the first games for new platforms to implement backward compatibility,” said T.J. Wagner, Creative Director of World of Tanks Console. – Over 20 million players have joined us in six and a half years, and we are thrilled to let them continue to fight in their favorite steel machines – on the most powerful consoles in history. Every moment of the life of our game was vivid and memorable, and unforgettable impressions await “tankers” on the new platforms “.