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A film was released about the internal structure of the Angara-A5 rocket and its preparation for launch
twenty.12.2021 [17:47],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

The television and radio company of the Russian Armed Forces “Zvezda” has released a documentary film about the preparations for the second-ever launch of the heavy-class carrier rocket “Angara-A5” from the Plesetsk cosmodrome, which took place successfully on December 14, 2021.

This issue of the “Military Acceptance” program (recall: the test mission was commissioned by the Ministry of Defense) includes a complete chronicle of preparations for a space launch and exclusive footage of the internal structure of the latest space rocket.

It is argued that “Angara-A5” is the most powerful launch vehicle in the entire history of the Soviet and Russian space programs (apparently, if you do not take into account “H-1” and “Energiya”, created respectively within the framework of the lunar program and the Energia-Buran “).

The film crew followed the preparations for the launch of this rocket for several months. Journalists accompanied her in the assembly shops and on the railway, visited the launch point at the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region. Earlier, as noted, so much and in detail about the new project of the Russian space program on television has not yet been told.

In the film, employees of the Salyut Design Bureau spoke about the technical characteristics of the Angara-A5. The designers noted that advanced achievements were used in its creation. The head of the design bureau, Sergey Kuznetsov, noted: “Considering that the development has been carried out over the past years, all the latest achievements of our science and technology have been applied in Angara. First of all, the electronic component base is widely used, several computers are. During the flight, both the gas boosting consumption and the fuel consumption – all this is calculated by computers and supplied to the engines based on the parameters that were initially set by the algorithms. “.

And the deputy leading designer of the Salyut design bureau Mikhail Aralkin emphasized that all the systems of the launch vehicle are in a single network for better interaction during flights: “This whole rocket is one big computer. Navigation systems, a control system, a system for measuring and transmitting telemetric information, systems for measuring absolute pressure, a system for measuring fuel consumption – digital technologies and computers are used everywhere, united in one computer network “.

The launch of a heavy rocket “Angara-A5” took place on December 14 from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region – after it, “Roskosmos” published a video of the launch from different angles. Before that, the carrier was launched only once – in December 2021. It is assumed that “Angara” will completely replace the carrier rockets “Proton-M” in 2024. Two launches of “Angara” carrier rockets are planned for the next year (of which class – not specified). And in 2023 with the help of “Angara” the first test flight of the “Eagle” spacecraft for flights to the Moon will be carried out.

Recall: “Angara” is a family of environmentally friendly launch vehicles of various classes, which do not use aggressive and toxic propellants. The basis for their creation is the URM-1 and URM-2 universal rocket modules. So, as part of the light class carriers “Angara-1.2 “one URM-1 is used. There are also medium missiles “Angara-A3”, heavy “Angara-A5” and “Angara-A5M”, a carrier of increased carrying capacity “Angara-A5V”. The latter will allow performing any tasks facing the national cosmonautics until at least 2032.

The government customers of the Angara space rocket complex are the Russian Ministry of Defense and Roskosmos, and the lead developer and manufacturer is the State Space Research and Production Center named after M.IN. Khrunicheva.