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Apr 03,  · You can download the software from any Windows-supported app store or directly from the website.4/ Download for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now7/10(). Draw io download is available in the new release (May ) for download from our file repository, easy in a few steps. NVIDIA releases news for your personal chips irregularly, but frequently, so keep an eye out for many that improve site with Windows 10 and ammo draw .
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Hyundai captures nearly three quarters of the global hydrogen cell electric vehicle market
fifteen.12.2021 [13:16],
Alexey Razin

The hydrogen fuel cell Mirai has changed a generation this year, making Toyota Motor one of the few radical proponents of this type of transport. It is all the more interesting to find out that this year Hyundai Motor has come out on top in terms of the number of hydrogen cars sold.

Image source: Hyundai Motor

Business Korea shared relevant statistics from SNE Research. According to the results of the first nine months of this year, 6,664 vehicles on hydrogen fuel cells were sold worldwide, of which 73.8% (4917 units) were accounted for by Hyundai Motor. Korean automaker boosts sales of its Nexo model by 61.3% year-over-year.

Toyota is forced to settle for only second place with 11.5% market share and 767 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles sold. The expectation of a generation change for the Mirai was not the only factor behind Toyota’s 61.8% decline in sales. The US market, where the bulk of these cars is sold, has shown sluggish demand for a long time due to the restrictive measures associated with the pandemic.

Honda, which ranks third in the first nine months of this year, sold only 187 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles during the reporting period, which is 27.2% worse than the same period last year. Overall, the hydrogen fuel cell passenger car market shrank 3.2% year-on-year, with aging Toyota and Honda models leading the way.

Looking at the third quarter separately, 2,594 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles were sold worldwide, up 27.2% from the same quarter last year. Hyundai managed to increase sales volumes by 65.8% to 2,036 cars, and Chinese manufacturers also showed good growth dynamics. In China, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are now most actively used in the field of freight and passenger transportation. Here, in particular, buses are equipped with such power plants.

Interestingly, Hyundai Motor’s internal plans include maintaining a dominant position in the hydrogen fuel cell car market until the end of the five-year plan. For this, the Korean company is going to develop the infrastructure of filling stations. Hydrogen stored under high pressure during travel is used by the power plant to generate electricity, and such a car produces only clean water as “waste”.