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Google postpones return of employees to offices until September and introduces flexible working weeks
fourteen.12.2021 [14:18],
Vladimir Fetisov

Since the coronavirus pandemic is not slowing down, and mass vaccination of the population is just beginning, Google decided to postpone the return of employees to their offices until September 2021. In addition, the company is working on options for changing the work schedule, which can be used after employees return to the offices.

Image: Laura Morton / The New York Times

This was announced in an email to employees by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. The message says that the idea of ​​a “flexible work week” is currently being worked out, a schedule that is planned to be used when employees can return to their offices. According to the pilot plan, employees will be required to spend at least three working days in the office, and the rest of the time they will perform their duties from home.

“We test the hypothesis that agile work should lead to increased productivity, collaboration and well-being. No company of our size has ever created a fully flexible workforce model, although some are starting to test it, so it will be interesting to try it, ”says Sundar Pichai.

The letter does not mention whether Google will require employees to get a coronavirus vaccine before returning to work. Also, the timing of the introduction of flexible schedules has not been determined, since the situation caused by the pandemic varies greatly from country to country. In addition, the new flexible schedules may not apply to certain employees who are required to be present in the workplace.

In March of this year, Google was one of the first companies to transfer as many people as possible to remote work. Since then, the timing of their return to the offices has been repeatedly postponed and now Google employees will be able to return to their seats no earlier than September 2021.