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Disclosure: This is not an official cricket game by EA Sports or is an modded version game in which there are tons of new features that give the complete look of real life cricket, more over International tournaments, and you can enjoy it on your pc. Dec 02,  · Gameplay: EA sports cricket download was a great game at the time. The gameplay is really good, it is very difficult to take wickets in Test matches. The batting and bowling gameplay is good and looks realistic, they especially need to improve the swing bowling which is not very etgames Audi matches are very easy. Download latest version of EA SPORTS Cricket for Windows. Safe and Virus Free.


Ea sports cricket 2007 download for windows 10.EA Sports Cricket Free Download PC Latest Edition

Jul 08,  · EA Sports Cricket Original & Full version (PC Edition, Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10) Buy EA Sports Cricket 07 Original & Full Version PC Game at discounted price. Downloads/Purchases: + OS: Windows (XP to Windows Disclosure: This is not an official cricket game by EA Sports or is an modded version game in which there are tons of new features that give the complete look of real life cricket, more over International tournaments, and you can enjoy it on your pc. Jan 23,  · EA Sports Cricket Free Download is a competitive game for cricket lovers. It lets the cricketer inside you show its skills on the pitch. What you need to do is to create an account in the game and select your attire, then adjust the difficulty level, select the gameplay, choose the overs from 10, 20, and 50, then adjust the fielding, and here you ted Reading Time: 4 mins.
EA Sports Cricket 2007 Download Free
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KIOXIA CD6 – PCIe 4 Server Solid State Drives.0 with very high speed and density
08.12.2021 [09:30],
Andrey Sozinov

Solid state drives are becoming more affordable and roomy, and with it their popularity is growing in all areas: from consumer computers to huge data centers. Recently, high-speed NVMe drives are becoming more and more popular, because everyone wants their data to be processed as quickly as possible. KIOXIA offers several series of server NVMe SSDs, one of the fastest among which is the new CD6 series.

First, let’s plunge into history and tell you where the Kioxia company came from. In 20221, to avoid bankruptcy, Toshiba Memory was separated from Toshiba Corporation. Last year, the already independent Toshiba Memory was renamed KIOXIA to freshen up its image and establish itself as an independent independent company.

Therefore, although the KIOXIA brand is young, the company itself has a very rich history. For example, it is to her that we owe the existence of publicly available flash drives in their current and familiar form for everyone. It was the Japanese professor Fujio Masuoka, who worked at Toshiba, who first invented NOR memory, and then NAND, which underlies the vast majority of modern solid-state storage media.

The Japanese inventor predicted that flash memory would eventually replace hard drives – and, as we can see, today his dream is gradually coming true. In the consumer segment, SSDs are replacing hard drives by reducing the price-to-volume ratio. In industrial applications such as servers, data centers and clouds, they are increasingly used due to their reliability, high storage density, and, most importantly, due to their outstanding speed.

Solid state drives KIOXIA CD6 are currently one of the fastest in the KIOXIA range due to the use of the modern PCI Express 4 interface.0. It offers twice the bandwidth of its predecessor, PCI Express 3.0, – up to 16 gigatransactions per second (GT / s) versus 8 GT / s per line. The bandwidth, respectively, is also twice as high.

The CD6 series drives are made in a 2.5-inch form factor and are connected to the system via a U connector.3 over four PCIe lanes 4.0. By the way, these are the world’s first U drives.3 PCIe 4.0. These SSDs have sequential read speeds of 6,200 MB / s and sequential write speeds of 4,000 MB / s. In comparison, the previous generation of KIOXIA CD5 server SSDs with PCIe 3 interface.0 could offer speeds of up to 3140 MB / s when reading, and up to 1980 MB / s when writing. That is, the increase in speed is indeed approximately twofold.

But linear read speeds aren’t everything. It is also important how the SSD handles reading random blocks. And here the CD6 series is divided into two families: CD6-V and CD6-R, which are designed for different use cases.

CD6-V drives are designed for servers and data centers with mixed workloads, that is, for workloads where data is regularly read and written. It is important for these SSDs to read and write information quickly. As a result, they can offer random read speeds up to 1 million IOPS (input / output operations per second) and random write speeds up to 250 thousand. IOPS.

In turn, CD6-R are better suited for systems in which data is mainly written for storage, and after that it only needs to be read regularly at high speed. Therefore, here the performance in random read operations also reaches 1 million. IOPS, but random writes are slower – IOPS here reaches 85k.

Speed ​​characteristics. Right – CD6-R, left – CD6-V

The drives of both families are built on proprietary fourth-generation BiCS Flash TLC flash memory chips, which consist of 96 layers and are capable of storing three bits of information in one cell (3D TLC NAND). These SSDs use proprietary Kioxia controllers and use the NVMe 1 protocol for connection.four.

KIOXIA CD6-R series features 960, 1920, 3840, 7680 and 15 360 GB solid state drives. In turn, the CD6-V series offers drives of 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 and 12 800 GB. In the previous generation CD5, the maximum storage capacity was 7680 GB, and new items are able to offer up to two times more memory in the same form factor.

All versions of CD6 are made in a very compact form factor for a standard 2.5-inch slot, which provides very high storage density. For comparison, 2.5-inch hard drives are capable of offering up to 5 TB of storage, which is three times less than the largest of the CD6 drives. And in the case of servers and data centers, storage density is of great importance: the fewer units of storage are involved, the less space is occupied by the racks, and the less energy is consumed.

In particular, the nominal power consumption of KIOXIA CD6 solid-state drives in an active state (read or write) is 13, 15 or 19 W, depending on their capacity. In ready-to-use mode, consumption is only 5W.

CD6 also has industry-critical data protection systems including SIE wiping mechanism, SED self-encryption and FIPS 140-2 compliance. There are also self-recovery systems after failures, end-to-end data correction and protection against power failures (PLP).

Kioxia guarantees high reliability for its CD6 series SSDs and claims a time between failures (MTTF) of 2.5 million hours. As befits server drives, the CD6 series is optimized for 24/7 continuous operation. It is worth emphasizing that the fact that these SSDs are completely made in-house by one company also speaks in favor of high reliability. As a result, all components are literally matched to each other, and no compatibility problems can arise in principle.

As a manufacturer of memory chips, KIOXIA has access to the entire volume of manufactured flash memory. This allows them to use the best-performing chips in their drives, while many other manufacturers have to rely on chips that are on the open market. There are not so many similar vertically integrated SSDs in the world: in addition to KIOXIA, only Samsung, WD, Intel and Micron can offer them.

As a result, KIOXIA offers balanced solutions that provide good performance and speed, as well as very high storage density, while they consume little power and have high reliability. And all this from a company with a rich history and proven reputation.